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Rope Chain (Gold) 3mmRope Chain (Gold) 3mm
Rope Chain (Gold) 3mm Sale price$53.00
Dice Carabiner Necklace Set (Gold)Dice Carabiner Necklace Set (Gold)
Smiley (Gold)Smiley (Gold)
Smiley (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Pearl Bracelet (Gold)Pearl Bracelet (Gold)
Pearl Bracelet (Gold) Sale price$53.00
Cross (Gold)Cross (Gold)
Cross (Gold) Sale price$53.00
Cross Necklace (Gold)Cross Necklace (Gold)
Cross Necklace (Gold) Sale priceFrom $95.00
Rope Bracelet (Gold)Rope Bracelet (Gold)
Rope Bracelet (Gold) Sale price$33.00
Cuban Chain 3mm (Gold)Cuban Chain 3mm (Gold)
Cuban Chain 3mm (Gold) Sale price$53.00
Cuban Bracelet (Gold)Cuban Bracelet (Gold)
Cuban Bracelet (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Square Belcher Chain 3mm (Gold)Square Belcher Chain 3mm (Gold)
Rope Set (Gold)Rope Set (Gold)
Rope Set (Gold) Sale price$78.00
Smiley Necklace (Gold)Smiley Necklace (Gold)
Smiley Necklace (Gold) Sale priceFrom $90.00
Diamante Detail Carabiner (Gold)Diamante Detail Carabiner (Gold)
Iced Out Carabiner (Gold)Iced Out Carabiner (Gold)
Iced Out Carabiner (Gold) Sale price$53.00
Freshwater Pearl Choker (Gold)Freshwater Pearl Choker (Gold)
Cuban Chain (Gold) 5mmCuban Chain (Gold) 5mm
Cuban Chain (Gold) 5mm Sale price$79.00
Freshwater Pearl Necklace (Gold)Freshwater Pearl Necklace (Gold)
Lightning Bolt Necklace (Gold)Lightning Bolt Necklace (Gold)
Lightning Bolt Necklace (Gold) Sale priceFrom $90.00
Mini Cross (Gold)Mini Cross (Gold)
Mini Cross (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Lightning Bolt (Gold)Lightning Bolt (Gold)
Lightning Bolt (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Design Your Own Set (Gold)Design Your Own Set (Gold)
Design Your Own Set (Gold) Sale priceFrom $126.00
Mini Cross Necklace (Gold)Mini Cross Necklace (Gold)
Mini Cross Necklace (Gold) Sale priceFrom $90.00
Carabiner (Gold)Carabiner (Gold)
Carabiner (Gold) Sale price$40.00
Dice (Gold)Dice (Gold)
Dice (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Sold outSmiley Carabiner Necklace Set (Gold)Smiley Carabiner Necklace Set (Gold)
Pearl Set (Gold)Pearl Set (Gold)
Pearl Set (Gold) Sale price$107.00
Lightning Carabiner Necklace Set (Gold)Lightning Carabiner Necklace Set (Gold)
Dice Necklace (Gold)Dice Necklace (Gold)
Dice Necklace (Gold) Sale priceFrom $90.00
Cuban Set (Gold)Cuban Set (Gold)
Cuban Set (Gold) Sale price$114.00
Twisted Hoop Earrings (Gold)Twisted Hoop Earrings (Gold)
Sold outMini Diamante Detail Carabiner Earrings (Gold)Mini Diamante Detail Carabiner Earrings (Gold)
Sold outDiamante Detail Carabiner Earrings (Gold)Diamante Detail Carabiner Earrings (Gold)
Long Diamante Detail Carabiner Earrings (Gold)Long Diamante Detail Carabiner Earrings (Gold)
Half Iced Carabiner Earrings (Gold)Half Iced Carabiner Earrings (Gold)
Iced Heart Carabiner (Gold)Iced Heart Carabiner (Gold)
Love Hoop Earrings (Gold)Love Hoop Earrings (Gold)
Love Hoop Earrings (Gold) Sale price$53.00
Chunky Hoop Earrings (Gold)Chunky Hoop Earrings (Gold)
Pearl and Stone Embellished Earrings (Gold)Pearl and Stone Embellished Earrings (Gold)
Textured Cuban Chain Choker (Gold)Textured Cuban Chain Choker (Gold)
Love Necklace (Gold)Love Necklace (Gold)
Love Necklace (Gold) Sale price$60.00
Sold outCupids Arrow Necklace (Gold)Cupids Arrow Necklace (Gold)
Sold outEvil Eye Necklace (Gold)Evil Eye Necklace (Gold)
Evil Eye Necklace (Gold) Sale price$60.00
Evil Eye Bracelet (Gold)Evil Eye Bracelet (Gold)
Evil Eye Bracelet (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Cupids Arrow Bracelet (Gold)Cupids Arrow Bracelet (Gold)
Love Bracelet (Gold)Love Bracelet (Gold)
Love Bracelet (Gold) Sale price$47.00
Plain Twisted Ring (Gold)Plain Twisted Ring (Gold)
Plain Twisted Ring (Gold) Sale price$43.00
Chunky Statement Ring (Gold)Chunky Statement Ring (Gold)
Thin Infinity Ring (Gold)Thin Infinity Ring (Gold)
Thin Infinity Ring (Gold) Sale price$49.00
Sold outStaggered Baguette Ring (Gold)Staggered Baguette Ring (Gold)
Double Band Ring (Gold)Double Band Ring (Gold)
Double Band Ring (Gold) Sale price$43.00